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We Provide Experts to Support Your
Telecom, Cloud or Business Management Needs.

Project Based

We assist organizations with project-based staff augmentation to compliment or fill a temporary gap in your business.  Our approach places the cost in opex temporarily while fulfilling current obligations.  This affords a quick project resolution and removes the need to carry a full-time employee until it is required.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Migration Services
  • Architecture Design
  • Vendor Billing Audits
  • BPO & PMO analysis
  • Network Engineering
  • Security Analysis

Management Consulting

Our Management Consulting practice is a boutique option for organizations to deliver IT Optimization, BPO and Got To Market Strategy.  We focus on Technology Architecture, Opex reduction and Vendor Governance which complements other initiatives in your organization.

Examples include:

  • Vendor Benchmarking
  • Technology diligence pre-M&A
  • Private Equity portfolio enhancement

Fractional Advising

Many of our clients require an Executive in residence to bridge the gap until a permanent individual is placed in their organization.  Utilizing one of our CxO level advisors can help provide your company with fast & relevant experience now.

 Roles include:

  • CxO – CIO, COO, CFO, CRO
  • IT – Project Manager, Technical Analyst
  • Security – CISO, Security Analyst
  • Minimum 5 hours per month.

Macronet Services launched their Telecom Exp Solution and we instantly found savings. The next commission will have them implement their Cloud Expense system for .


Supply Chain

We have benefitted by the output of this practice by Gary, Scott and the rest of the Macronet team. This is a clear underlying ROI of our relationship with them. 

Keith Lyons, Global Director

IT Service Delivery for GCP Applied Technologies

I’ve been working with Macronet Services for about 2 years now and it’s been great. As a CISO, I’m looking for someone to help me navigate the challenges in the vendor management space…the things I’ve been doing with Macronet have provided both the deep technical expertise but they’ve also aligned it with things I need to think about from a business perspective.

Brian Castagna

CISO at Seven Bridges Genomics

Working hours

Mon. – Fri. 9AM – 5PM
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We leverage our vast partner portfolio to bring forward the best network solutions. We enable IT teams to be more efficient and the businesses they support to be more competitive in the marketplace.


ADDRESS    36 Maplewood Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801

EMAIL    [email protected]


We offer free assessments of your environment to see how we can help. Our ability to leverage vendor benchmarks prevents time and cycle waste. Macronet Services will have a Solution Specialist contact you as soon as possible. We will quickly communicate if there isn’t a fit and still direct you to another path.