Large conference rooms require a unique set up for audio visual hardware. We have helped our clients design hundreds of spaces from the ground up, each one requiring unique AV parts and specialty services to install. These conference rooms need customized attention from someone who has experience designing, building, and supporting different AV designs and use cases. The experience your teams should have in these spaces should feel like they are being WOWED!!

To efficiently and effectively run a Zoom meeting in these rooms you must pair Zoom audio with an integrated microphone and speaker set up. This equipment is typically housed in an IDF or AV equipment rack either inside the room or outside. Inside the rack you will have all the audio and video hardware to properly tune and extend the cables for the mic, camera, and speakers inside the room. There are countless varieties of AV hardware that you could purchase.  To properly install and commission these devices, the installer must be certified and familiar with both the space and your use cases to be able to accurately scope, install and program the AV Hardware.

During the design process you should be open to any and all suggestions on different use cases and experiences with different types of hardware. It is easy to install a couple of AIO (All in one) camera, mic, speaker, USB sound bars, but you will be sacrificing the better experience for your team by improperly scoping these spaces.

We are helping our most important customers design their most important spaces by using our experience combined with virtual reality AV design software called Modus. Modus allows us to be able to share the design and experience that we recommend by building the integrated AV technology in the room, then explain how the hardware will perform in the space. This includes demonstrating viewing angles to a display, showing mic pickup patterns, and many other different ways to integrate AV into the space.

We have found that the more collaborative and integrated space is, the better the experience and more productive your teams will be. After all, without a good experience, your meeting could fall flat.