There are three options to connect into OCI with Verizon and customers really have to understand the background of each option because it has impacts on installation.  Many carrier account teams are still coming up to speed on how to connect into FastConnect within Oracle and following these best practices will help.  Verizon’s flagship product, Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) offers the easiest and fastest option int OCI as it is considered a Partner network connection.  This means, the ability to turn up a MPLS circuit into your private Virtual Route Forwarding (VRF) table can happen faster than the Dayton 500 race!


We absolutely recommend any customer connecting into OCI with Verizon wide area network services should have Macronet review the architecture quickly as a free topology assessment.  We’ve helped hundreds of customers on Verizon’s network and OCI, we often help account teams on design, order and nuances (you can’t run a cross-connect at this datacenter to Verizon, or you need a LOA/CFA at this point in the design etc.).  We have been in the carrier WAN and Oracle design support business for 20 years, take advantage of our tribal knowledge, it will save time later during install!


Let’s first look at the three core Vz options generally used to connect into OCI.  However, the below will not discuss less used such as public internet VPN or private line services, that is a separate topic.

Three options to connect Verizon MPLS into OCI


  1. PIP – Private IP access. Organizations can also connect over their 5G/LTE network into this option.  Private Wireless Gateway provides 5G and 4G LTE wireless connectivity to the Private IP network.

(MPLS) enables PIP to keep traffic separated within a closed user group vpn.   customer traffic through a VPN. This layer 3 access provides customers the benefit of layer 2 switching and quality of service for mission critical application priority.


2.  SDI – Software Defined Interconnect – This solution allows you to quickly establish networking with different access solutions, such as Private IP, Switched E-Line, Switched E-LAN, Dedicated E-Line, and your Equinix (ECX), across ECX to your network locations.  SDI provides users the ability to connect to over 130 Datacenters in 15+ metros globally.  Standard connectivity up to 10G is available.


3. Secure Cloud Interconnect (SCI) This is Verizon’s on-demand option, configurable via their portal to turn up circuits at ease.  The only caveat is you need to make sure it’s available at all regions.  Verizon does not offer SCI (at the time of this writing) into the new facilities for OCI such as Osaka Japan or the Government realm in Arizona.



What Public Cloud Providers Support Secure Cloud Interconnect?

Verizon supports Alibaba, DXC, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and AWS.

In summary, there are multiple options to extend your MPLS network into OCI and we can help make a recommendation.  This is important as well since you might be tempted to migrate your WAN to SDWAN.

Contact us for a free topology review, it should only take 15 minutes!