The number of ways you can approach zoom room design is limitless. We have helped hundreds of enterprise clients implement and design Zoom Rooms across the globe with tens of thousands of different AV products.  We’d like to hear from you about what your favorite Zoom Room design looks like and what hardware and functionality you have in the space.  See below for pictures of our favorite Zoom room designs. You’ll notice a common theme, we can design a Zoom room in any space.






Design the Worst Zoom Room

Walk into your room- take a picture, don’t be afraid. Show up your worst looking and poorest quality audio and camera set up. If you don’t have wires dangling everywhere, don’t even bother sending. The more duct tape and zip ties the better. Awkward camera angles add to the fun. Check out what we’ve dealt with in the past: (and fixed)



Good Cable Management – Clean install about to happen