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Macronet services positions customers to design, build and support new collaboration rooms around the globe.  We have experience working with the leading hardware and software partners to design an experience that will help draw your teams to have better experiences and more productive meetings in the corporate or home office environment.  Nowadays, experience matters.

Audio Visual Solutions

Leading collaboration technologies enable team members from around the world to initiate face to face meetings on demand, share and edit documents, hold whiteboard sessions, and produce results as if they are in the same room. Your collaboration rooms are critical and MacroNet has the A/V expertise to design, deploy, and support impactful solutions.


MacroNet has deployed state of the art collaboration rooms of all sizes that seamlessly integrate the latest technologies – globally. Acoustic panels are customized to create an immersive experience for your brand.


We provide a complete Audio/Visual consultation of the best collaboration room design to support your teams most advanced technology needs

  • Design a technology experience that drives your employees to want to go into the office
  • Develop a repeatable process to test, deploy, and manage collaboration rooms globally
  • Reduce and eliminate problems with acoustically challenging spaces by integrating acoustic paneling to the AV design
  • Build a branding and digital signage strategy across your entire enterprise 


Our network of AV Integrators help ensure that your team is supported on projects across the globe. Implement the best AV hardware solutions to design and scale your teams rooms globally.  We specialize in helping to integrate AV hardware complete a full replacement or retrofit of your existing AV technology to align with the next generation:

  • Zoom Rooms
  • Microsoft Teams Rooms
  • Google Meet Rooms


Once we’ve helped implement your new Collaboration Rooms globally, we can help manage and support these newly implemented solutions:

  • Design a process to manage AV equipment troubleshooting, repairs and replacement
  • Build automated systems for monitoring and supporting your collaboration rooms around the globe
  • Provide 24×7 support structure for your global offices to ensure rooms come back online quickly after incidents

Unified Communications as a Service

Enterprise IT Teams are looking to provide their business with bleeding edge communications technologies.  Having a well-defined unified communications strategy will enable your business to seamlessly communicate across any device globally.  Consolidating the number of communications tools your employees communicate with can save money and substantially improve productivity across the enterprise, internally and externally. Our approach involves helping you strategize with your team on which solutions will most effectively improve your communication efficiency and lower your overall TCO.


MacronetTM represents all the key leaders in the UCaaS marketplace including names like RingCentral, 8×8, Fuze, Zoom, WestIP, Skype for Business, Arkadin, CallTower, Jive and more.  Each UCaaS provider has gone to market with a slightly different approach and our team will help design and source the solutions that meet the unique communications and conferencing requirements of your business.

Room Design Resources

Zoom Room Design

Zoom Room Design Every company that uses Zoom rooms today is looking at designing their conferencing rooms to work and function as a video collaboration space using the Zoom Room software.  Zoom Rooms will provide your team and customers with a great space to collaborate…

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We leverage our vast partner portfolio to bring forward the best network solutions. We enable IT teams to be more efficient and the businesses they support to be more competitive in the marketplace.


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We offer free assessments of your environment to see how we can help. Our ability to leverage vendor benchmarks prevents time and cycle waste. Macronet Services will have a Solution Specialist contact you as soon as possible. We will quickly communicate if there isn’t a fit and still direct you to another path.