2021 brought enterprise organizations scrambling to figure out what their strategy should be for Returning to OFFICE.  The dreaded RTO plans have been officially changed dozens of times since it was first discussed.  Now, The New Year is here and we would love to share what we’ve done for a variety of organizations from Marvell Semiconductor to MongoDB.

How quickly will your team be required to come back to the office in-person?  What is your company’s next big milestone for occupancy capacity?  How will you provide your team with a new and better experience for virtual collaboration with team members and customers who won’t be in-person?

Macronet Services has implemented 114 conference rooms in less than 90 days during the middle of the pandemic.  We’ve pushed the limits on expectations for what your team can possibly do in the short time between now and when you’ll be returning to the office.  Deploying a single conference room with new AV technology can be challenging, but how can your company deploy hundreds of conference rooms across multiple geographies?

During the planning/design phase of your RTO we will work together to design and plan for new AV Technology that matches your existing conference room or new conference room environment.  We understand that most companies have existing data and power infrastructure in a space, but this might need to be moved to a new location to accommodate the new technology.  We help facilities and workplace teams plan out infrastructure, furniture, and logistics to implement these various conference rooms across multiple locations.

Selecting a hardware standard is something that can be daunting with so many different AV hardware manufactures out there.  We custom design solutions that will work best based on the desired functionality and user experience your organization is looking for.

When teams have finally made the leap to go back into the office and the new Zoom Rooms or Teams Rooms hardware has been implemented, we will help ensure that training and ongoing support of these devices is handled seamlessly.  We are currently helping our customers support and manage thousands of AV systems and handle trouble shooting and device swaps seamlessly to minimize downtime.

If your team is just starting out or in the middle of the Return To Office strategy and looking for a partner to deliver a world class collaboration technology solution.  Reach out to us and we are happy to meet and hear what you have in store for 2022.