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Reduce AWS Cost

Download our eBrief – Savings average 20-50% monthly

Align with the AWS Well-Architected Framework Cost Optimization Pillar

This tutorial eBrief Download is for anyone interested in keeping Auto-Scaling, Beanstalk & Containers monthly costs at a minimum without reducing functionality.

  • Strengthen Cost-Optimization in EC2 Auto-Scaling to Spot instances
  • Load Balancing evaluation options to reduce spend
  • Amazon ECS & EKS Container choice to lower monthly cost.

Savings of 20-50% Monthly in EC2

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We offer free assessments of your environment to see how we can help. Our ability to leverage vendor benchmarks prevents time and cycle waste. Macronet Services will have a solution specialist contact you as soon as possible. We will quickly communicate if there isn’t a fit and still direct you to another path.