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Reduce Telecom Costs

Reducing Telecom Expense without losing Functionality

25% in Telecom Savings is what our Average client receives when we engage.  Ready to lower OPEX?

Telecom Billing & Management is not easy.



Many invoices do not align with your original contract. 25% of Telecom Invoices are incorrect.  Common mistakes:


    • Billing Code/Discounts not applied & duplicate billing
    • Removed inventory still billing
    • Auto-renew triggers

Fine Print

Our team has designed, negotiated, and implemented thousands of telecom contracts. Macronet Services provides:

  • Correct invoicing from the start -bill accuracy 100% to your MSAs
  • Cost Auditing & Recovery
  • New Services Audit
  • SLA Assurance
  • Deliver downturn schedules

TEM Selection

Not all organizations are alike and each has various business processes & OPEX requirements.  We deliver two options based on the business case you fall into:

  • SaaS-based Telecom Expense Solution
  • Certified Telecom Consultant

Macronet Services works within all organizational budgets to deliver maximum results for the highest return to your corporation.


Our Customer Success approach to your ongoing services is our top priority.  Moves, Adds & Changes to your telecom footprint can still cause billing anomalies.  We put in our industry-leading benchmark process to catch items before they continue.

  • Monthly Service Review of your contracts & invoices
  • Control communications with Telco Account Teams
  • Validate future Cost-Recovery
  • Audit new & discontinued services.

Not sure where to start? Let us review your bills. >

Partners For Success
& Cost Savings

Ask us about our agency business, which represents over 300 leading service providers of network services.  

This unique combination of models allows our consultants to engage with our clients in a traditional fee-based model, or to offset the cost of consulting and professional services engagements with brokered network services.  We will work with you to transparently define the best model to meet the needs of your business.

Working hours

Mon. – Fri. 9AM – 5PM
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We leverage our vast partner portfolio to bring forward the best network solutions. We enable IT teams to be more efficient and the businesses they support to be more competitive in the marketplace.


PHONE     (978) 614-0294

ADDRESS    36 Maplewood Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801

EMAIL    [email protected]


We offer free assessments of your environment to see how we can help. Our ability to leverage vendor benchmarks prevents time and cycle waste. Macronet Services will have a Solution Specialist contact you as soon as possible. We will quickly communicate if there isn’t a fit and still direct you to another path.