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Unified Communications Made Easy OCI Oracle FastConnect

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying About Our OCI FastConnect Service

We have designed hundreds of OCI FastConnect cloud onramps for enterprises globally, focusing on solving their use case with the right tier 1 ISP or boutique provider.  Our process assesses your topology by leveraging our engineering analysis engines, and auto fiber tool to provide a solution in real time without the need for countless ISP presentations.  Regardless of your cloud networking experience, we can help build a FastConnect Failover using an HA design, remote WAN, IPSEC VPN and more are part of our evaluation, design, and governance process.  If you need a dedicated circuit from your data center or multi-cloud tenant, allow us to provide you with a FREE network design even if you are months away from the project.

‚ÄúMacronet Services was able to spend time with us identifying the most optimal connection into OCI FastConnect. Their unbiased approach to support us was appreciated including offering their network engineering time at no cost. We chose Megaport after working with Gary Sloper and his team‚ÄĚ

Jonathan Crawford

Chief Architect, Lease Accelerator

We Make Routing OCI FastConnect Quick & Easy

Looking to establish your OCI FastConnect between Oracle regions or a Hybrid split architecture with other cloud providers? We have helped hundreds of customers launch a network infrastructure into FastConnect with the least latent and cost-effective topology including on-premise Datacenter environments quickly and easily.  These scenarios include private SDWAN, MPLS, Internet VPN/ZTNA, or private fiber. 

OCI FastConnect Design

We work with all FastConnect partners and other telco providers for 3rd Party connections into the OCI Tenancy and will design the best solution for your use case, not what a single provider suggests. We have worked with hundreds of satisfied OCI FastConnect clients in all verticals including Government.

WAN Connectivity into Oracle Cloud

Assess your current WAN environments for OCI FastConnect and create a more unified network if needed.¬† We’ve implemented split cloud architecture connections in an hour or less in some regions.¬† Additionally, if a telco circuit to connect your on-premise location is required, we will assist you with securing the right connection, Cross-Connects to OCI, and oversee the installation governance with the carrier.

Leverage Fiber Tools

Our engineering team is equipped with private fiber tools to identify LEC/CLEC options for optimal path(s) into OCI FastConnect.  This saves your team time & costs shaping the conversation with the carrier to be more pointed on the solution.  Often, customers are left inquiring across a menu of carriers to truly identify which organization can service their needs.

Flexible Pricing + Staff Augmentation

OCI FastConnect design & recommendation(s) are 100% at no cost.  Our partnership with OCI affords enterprises an unbiased approach to solving their workload needs in OCI Cloud.  If an organization requires expert network engineering support on a fractional basis for their WAN/LAN to support OCI and non-Oracle needs, Macronet Services has you covered.  We have multiple Cisco Certified Engineers up to CCIE level for fractional support.  Most clients do not require this level of support and our complimentary model works well.

OCI FastConnect to AWS, Azure and others

Some enterprises require a split App & DB tier with other clouds such as AWS, Azure, or GCP.  Our approach is to enable OCI customers to use FastConnect to extend their architecture to other clouds if needed.  This includes providing a redundant connection to the OCI network offering to another cloud or instance to deliver true N+1 designs.  We can often bring customer connections up within a 1-Hour timeframe to pass traffic.

OCI App-Tier & DataBase Tier Split architecture 

Cloud Migration to Oracle Cloud 

OCI Hybrid Cloud architecture 

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WAN to OCI FastConnect

Our engineers will help design your MPLS or SDWAN network into FastConnect using our deep industry experience & successful Oracle Cloud implemenations with other clients 

Vendor Benchmarking  

L1-L3 diligence & design

Project Management & Governance

Fractional Advising

Many of our clients require a post-OCI cloud network assessment of their entire infrastructure looking to lower OPEX while improving their network.  Macronet Services averages approximately 30% savings for customers monthly following our network evaluation & implementation.  

Vendor Benchmarking  

MPLS, SDWAN/SASE, ZeroTrust, Voice, Colocation & SaaS licenses

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Macronet Services launched their Telecom Exp Solution and we instantly found savings. The next commission will have them implement their Cloud Expense system for .


Supply Chain

We have benefitted by the output of this practice by Gary, Scott and the rest of the Macronet team. This is a clear underlying ROI of our relationship with them. 

Keith Lyons, Global Director

IT Service Delivery for GCP Applied Technologies

I’ve been working with Macronet Services for about 2 years now and it’s been great. As a CISO, I’m looking for someone to help me navigate the challenges in the vendor management¬†space…the things I’ve been doing with Macronet have provided both the deep technical expertise but they’ve also aligned it with things I need to think about from a business perspective.

Brian Castagna

CISO at Seven Bridges Genomics

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