Connecting Equinix Fabric using a Service Token in OCI FastConnect is simple which allows users a fast and reliable option to extend their network between a hybrid or multi-cloud design.  This eBook will cover some of the nuances and tips on establishing a service token for your cloud onramp, especially into OCI.  Equinix support AWS, Azure, GCP and other clouds located within their datacenter footprint which does provide diversity from an ISP.  Their private network across the Equinix fabric will not work on your premise nodes such as offices, remote users and private datacenters, so download this free eBook to learn about alternatives to compliment that design requirement.

This eBook is excellent for Cloud Practioners in ops, infrastructure, FinOps or the IT Network team.  Areas to consider range from connecting to a telco provider into FastConnect or establishing your hybrid cloud into OCI, Equinix can help establish this network.


This eBook will cover:

Creating an Equinix Fabric Account

Connect OCI Cloud to another Cloud such as AWS or your Equinix colocation

Create an Equinix Service Token using your telco providers information

Complete the Equinix connection to Oracle Cloud

View current and active connections if your Equinix Portal