FinOps jobs are becoming a necessity within organizations as they shift the landscape to help their company scale cloud usage while balancing governance operationally and financially.  Finding the right mix of technical aptitude and business acumen affords anyone in or potentially pursuing a FinOps role a key player.  Several components of cloud usage contribute to both financial consumption and resource focus and it is not all about building a product or supporting your customers.


Outside of the scale & growth a company focuses on to support their customers, cloud consumption across internal tools has quickly become a shadow IT scope creep nightmare for many organizations.  The result if based on more employees required/requiring a remote or hybrid work option which naturally is pulling internal IT to accommodate this new request.  Several on-premises environments continue to evaporate and reappear in a cloud consumption model


  1. Legacy PBX– In office or interoffice connectivity to a phone system for communications between departments or inbound/outbound Contact Centers (which are already leaving) to your customer base is leaving.  Preventing employees to use their mobile phones remotely


  1. Corporate Wide Area Networks (WANs):A rising tide in the SDWAN environment is organizations ditching this architecture in favor of a Zero Trust network.  As needs to communicate between offices moves in favor of public cloud connectivity and the on-ramps required, a more favorable and less costly Zero Trust option could help.


The potential outcome by not addressing a modified approach to work outside the corporate office is clear in a recent Gallup Poll below featured in a recent Wall Street Journal report:  How Working From Home Could Change Where Innovation Happens


If you are a CEO/CFO/Chief People Office not conducting an employee survey to determine where employ


How do you build a FinOps role to address internal, non-public IaaS cloud consumption to support your business?  First, on suggestion is if you have zero professionals supporting cloud financial operations today and you know it’s time to change this, beginning with small, crawling movement in these areas is a good first start.  It can provide an easy win, build a culture of collaboration and show both IT and Finance working together will work


  1. Identify who in the company will assume the FinOps Role
  2. Start on a small project such as moving the phone system to a consumption model.
  3. Own the PMO with the selected cloud VOIP provider.
  4. Outline CAPEX savings – no need for hardware, licensing and maintenance support.
  5. Post-installation, develop the more predictable mode of scaling employees (per seat cost, advanced features, etc.). This consumption will be pre-negotiated and allows a more predictable model
  6. Executive outputs could include not only OPEX financial management, but the IT hours offered back to address the next new internal support project.  Essentially, less hardware/software maintenance because it’s an as a service option.


In closing, building a FinOps team could start with easier lift and shift consumable environment for internal IT while everyone gets their bearings.  This also allows the definition of the cloud financial management practice to be defined as many organizations will look different.  Scaling a FinOps team should not be on the shoulders of your People Team to recruit solely on buzzwords when in practice you might be looking to modify the true definition compared to other companies.


If you want to discuss a few additional examples, please contact us and we would be happy to point out a few additional areas this new role could influence your internal strategy.