Most individuals globally are quite aware of the outbreak of the coronavirus, medically know as Covid-19.  Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people as per the World Health Organization (a complete article can be found here

Macronet Services is committed to helping any company, regardless of size, FREE consultation on remote capabilities for organization’s employees & staff.  Presently, this includes

  • Video Conferencing SWOT analysis
  • Bandwidth Access suggestions
  • Potential equipment required at home
  • Corporate Conference Room equipment audit & reconfiguration if required. This will ensure clean, crisp audio and visual services, removing a ‚Äúresearch & fix‚ÄĚ requirement burden on your IT Staff.

Examples of solutions we work with include¬†the key leaders in the UCaaS marketplace such as RingCentral, 8√ó8, Fuze, Zoom, WestIP, Skype for Business, Arkadin, CallTower, Jive, Microsoft Teams and more.‚ÄĮ Each UCaaS provider has gone to market with a slightly different approach and our team will help design and source the solutions that meet the unique communications and conferencing requirements of your business.

Additionally, we realize hiring new team members in the IT Project Management, Network Engineering and Procurement job roles already pose a challenge with a low national unemployment rate.  However, Macronet Services will provide temporary contract work at cost on a first come first basis to support your business.

Outside of this terrible outbreak, organizations should be aware of the growing trends with mobile workers, especially here in the United States.   The facts simply show, technical mobility needs will continue and not detract.

Global Workplace Analytics has provided great information about the trends and data captured to reinforce this migration.  Their information further confirms what many organizations who struggle to understand if a remote workforce option support is necessary to their business.

Additional data from Global Workplace Analytics suggest regular work from employees has grown almost a staggering 200%!  If this is a trend seen in practice, do we believe at some point all workers will perform duties remotely at least 1 day per week in the future?


Summary of telecommuting trends:

  • Regular work-at-home,¬†among the non-self-employed population, has¬†grown by 173% since 2005,¬†11%¬†faster than the rest of the workforce¬†and nearly¬†47x faster than the self-employed population.
  • 7 million employees(3.4% of the workforce) now¬†work from home at least half the time.
  • From 2005 to 2018:
    • The¬†employee population(not including work-at-home or the self-employed) grew by 15.3%
    • The¬†self-employed population¬†as a whole grew by only 3.7%, but growth within this group varied greatly. The large majority of the self-employed operate unincorporated businesses (63%). This segment hardly grew at all (.8%). The incorporated portion of the self-employed population grew by 48.2% for home-based businesses, and 11.8% for non-home-based businesses.
  • Forty percent more U.S. employers offered flexible workplace options¬†than they did five years ago. Still,¬†only 7% make it available to most of their employees.
  • Larger companies¬†are most likely to offer telecommuting options to most of their employees.
  • New England and Mid-Atlantic region employers¬†are the most likely to offer telecommuting options.
  • Full-time employees¬†are four times more likely to have work-at-home options than part-time workers.
  • Non-union workers¬†are twice as likely to have access to telecommuting, but union access is growing rapidly.

With the global decentralized network of Internet and Cloud applications, the fear of staging a work environment at home is something of the past.  True Unified Communications and Collaborations services such as VOIP and Video conferencing respectfully was not commercially available 20 years ago.  Taking advantage of collaboration tools and SaaS based applications now, provides organizations the option to present its employees a key reprieve;  stay home, work hard and we’ll chat over video to complete our work together!