Seven Bridges Genomics is a precision medicine organization supporting some of the¬†most¬†critical needs in the¬†Biotech¬†industry.¬†¬†Their company is providing accelerating breakthroughs in‚ÄĮgenomics‚ÄĮresearch for cancer, drug development, and precision medicine.¬†

As their work has grown so has the need to meet certain regulations such as Fed Ramp for example.  Supporting IT security needs across vendor management for both a deep technical design overview and business justification is a reason Brian Castagna, CISO Seven Bridges Genomics, chose Macronet Services to support their growing environment.  

Brian and his organization have been working together with Macronet Services for over a year.  He was looking for someone to help navigate vendors, understand their technical security challenges, and how best to deploy services globally.  Macronet Services assisted Seven Bridges by designing a solution while navigating the OPEX and contract negotiations with services such as Zscaler’s Zero Trust access solution and CrowdStrike Threat Intelligence for End Point Security.   

Listen more about Seven Bridge’s experience working with Macronet Services in the video below: