Mobile Expense Management provides cell phone and wireless device data plans, cost containment and device management to allow proper scale for enterprises.  Shadow costs in data overages, user management and device retirement are solved with a proper Wireless expense management process often using a telecom consultant to build the right plan for your organization.


Many organizations have opted to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) due to the perceived cost and because they feel it will be less management.  However, more companies are reversing this approach and we expect it will rise in 2023.


Misconceptions of BYOD for mobility is primarily focused on cost savings opex by providing a “stipend” for employees vs. paying/ordering devices.  However, many employees who bring their own device have limited access to outside support.  Plus, they might need a connection into SDWAN in the future so standardization on a platform, securely using Mobile connectivity is something to consider.


Mobile Expense Management (MEM) Advantages:

  1. Pooled Data Plans.  This allows an organization to use Wireless Data together so if one user is under plan and another is over, this should cancel out and prevent additional charges.
  2. Standard Devices Management, allowing the org to update applications and wipe out data.
  3. Lower cost Mobile Cell plans and hardware devices.
  4. Policy based Wireless Data Management allow/deny certain websites, social platforms etc. to adhere to corporate internet standards.  This often reduces the amount of data used.
  5. Co-Management of devices and plans. That’s right, the Mobile Expense and Device as a Service programs have matured.  This is good news to an already taxed IT team which now allows organizations to have shared root access for MACDs with a vendor.
  6. Reduces Staff Time to manage and deploy.


Mobile Expense Management (MEM) Disadvantages:

  1. Does take time to setup and standardize, it’s not simply a billing change only.
  2. Must have an IAM, Endpoint Security
  3. Must be fine with a co-management option.


Some companies such as Microsoft have application you can utilize however we have found several easier off the shelf options we recommend and have implemented for clients.  You must consider not just the mobile devices management platform but what other communication methods you have in places especially your UCaaS environment.  We also do not recommend going to a Walmart and buying a plan just because it appears “cheaper”.


POTS replacement to Wireless carriers

Many companies who still have ring phone banks for POTS lines have migrated to Wireless mobile plans.  This is a great option to lower costs and POTS lines should only stay for Life Safety as Fax and Voice services can be serviced better with VOIP options.

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