AV hardware is constantly changing size, shape, color and properties.  How do you ensure your team is purchasing the right hardware?  How do you know you’re putting your mic, speaker, cameras  in the right location?  What happens if you install a camera above, below or side of a display?  What would it look like if I placed in-ceiling mics vs table mics?  What size display should you purchase?  Should it be a LED display, LED Video Wall, or Projector?
Ultimately the question is, what is the best AV Design for your spaces?

If you spend more money on AV hardware, how much better of an experience will it be for people on the far end of your video conference call?  What’s your best bang for your buck?

The AV industry is changing radically and companies who have hesitated for years investing in high quality Audio and Video technology now see the value in providing a high quality video conferencing experience for both the people in the room and people on the far end of a video call.  We have all experienced the video call where you have someone who has great AV in their office and those calls where you can barely hearor see someone.  You now ask yourself the question, if you made the investment in better AV Technology, what will it look like?  How do I design a small conference room vs large boardroom?  What is the most basic design and what does integrated audio look like?  If I install 3 cameras in a room where should I place them for the most optimal viewing angles?

We are helping clients visualize and experience the answers to all these questions and more.  ModusVR is better explained through a demo of the product.  Share with us your floorplan and let us show you how your space should be designed with the best AV.

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