Zoom Breakout rooms are a useful feature used by anyone who hosts large meetings with people working together in smaller group discussions.  Breakout rooms have a multitude of uses across any organization.  We wrote this article on 5 Tips to Make sure your Zoom Breakout Rooms are setup properly to ensure your team does not miss a step when launching a breakout room causing pandemonium among your team.

Before starting a breakout room session, take time to practice all the different functionality of Zoom Breakout Rooms.  Once breakout rooms are launched, the meeting host can jump between breakout sessions.  The host can also push out a public message to everyone in the breakout rooms which everyone will receive as a notification on their Zoom Meeting application.  Each breakout room can share their own content and run their own Zoom meeting.  Once the breakout rooms are in-session they can be manually or automatically merged back into the main session merging everyone back together.  All the features of a Zoom meeting work the same in a breakout room.  Before starting your breakout rooms, you need to determine how long the breakout sessions should last and if there will be a hard or soft ending to the breakout room session.

Here are our 5 tips to make sure your Zoom Breakout Rooms are setup properly:

  1. Pre-build the breakout room team names prior to starting the meeting
  2. Assign people to each team
  3. Make selection if you want people to leave breakout rooms while in progress or only be able to leave breakout rooms when meeting ends
  4. Set timer to automatically or manually end a breakout session
  5. Lastly, make sure you know how to navigate in/out of breakout rooms to help your team during the breakout room session


Zoom Breakout Rooms are designed to let large groups of people independently talk in smaller groups separately then rejoin the larger session.  If you have ever run a classroom before you can understand how challenging this might be.