The Evolution of Network Security with SASE 

As we evolve into a cloud-driven¬†world,¬†we need to keep up the changes in technology, security, and data. When it comes¬†to¬†the future¬†of¬†network¬†security,¬†the legacy point-product approach is no longer feasible, the next generation of network security is cloud-delivered. In the following post, we will address this evolution and how the industry is responding to this shift with a new model for networking and network security known as ‚Äúsecure access service edge.‚Ä̬†

The Evolution of Network Security 

Today, we are witnessing a rapid movement into the cloud. Corporate data centers, applications, and more are adopting the cloud which challenges firewall architecture and traditional security approaches. Even with the growing remote workforce, additional challenges arise.  

 As organizations move to the cloud, the old method of forcing all traffic back through a corporate headquarter or data center no longer makes sense. It makes much more sense to deliver the same network security from the cloud in a unified and consistent manner. 

What is SASE?  

Responding to this shift,¬†Gartner proposed a new model for networking and network security in the cloud known as the ‚Äúsecure access service edge‚ÄĚ or SASE. In¬†Gartner‚Äôs words:¬†

‚ÄúThe secure access service edge is an emerging offering combining comprehensive¬†wide area network¬†capabilities with comprehensive network security functions¬†(such as¬†secure web gateway,¬†cloud access security broker,¬†firewall as-a-service,¬†zero trust network access)¬†to support the dynamic secure access needs of digital enterprises.‚ÄĚ‚ÄĮ‚ÄĮ¬†

SASE is the convergence of different access and security methods into one cohesive platform. This is important because SASE will be able to meet the demands of both cloud and mobile environments addressing the challenges with transition network and security architectures.  

Responding to the Shift 

SASE poses a unique challenge for many vendors. Not only must this platform ensure a seamless user experience, it demands a complex level of integration. Strong vendors must be able to integrate both their networking and security expertise in order to deliver a reliable cloud-based solution.  

MacroNet is uniquely positioned to help customers build and develop SASE solutions with their vast partner network. We have recognized this shift and have identified partners that can help you build a SASE architecture designed for all traffic, applications, and users. 

Evaluate is SASE is a Viable Option  

Let us help you determine if SASE is a viable option for your business with a free Network Security Consultation.