Bullhorn integration with VOIP providers is very easy to deploy, integrate into their CRM and perform functions such as click to dial easily.  In the staffing world, finding the right candidate in a low unemployment rate market can be difficult.  Using a CRM such as Bullhorn to master the screening process is paramount.  However, without the right UCaaS platform, it can be a disastrous experience if voice, video, SMS etc. do not work well for your recruiters.


More staffing agencies are remote or hybrid where full-time office presence is a thing of the past.  Owners and Managers do not want their staff to use their mobile device in lieu of poor communication methods.  Why?  Employee turnover, lack of integration into Bullhorn with personal mobile devices, privacy and more.


3 Steps to integrate Bullhorn into a VOIP provider?

  1. Select multiple vendors to evaluate, essentially sourcing your technologymake sure you do not fall in love with the slick website and promises of integration.  There are only a handful of thoroughly approved and vetted partners with Bullhorn, the other UCaaS providers would enable an API.  If you are a firm with minimal IT support, this can become problematic to support and we would not recommend it.
  2. Outline your requirements, click to dial, barge/whisper, notes/dictation into Bullhorn.  If you plan to have Contact Centeragents, During the demo and architecture review, Macronet can help you ask the right questions and advocate to the providers what is unique to your staffing organization.
  3. Understand the call routing of each partner.  If one VOIP providers only has a Voice Switch on the East Coast, how do your agents in California not have latency by connecting thousands of miles away to place a call?


Read & Watch the Short Video on How Macronet helped LRS Healthcare on their Bullhorn – VOIP Solution.


3 Bullhorn Partners who will blow your mind

The following partners Macronet Services has successfully integrated Bullhorn CRM with using our designated teams.  We would suggest if you are an organization under 500 employees to contact us to discuss the environment further.  Areas such as post implementation support should be factored into your decision and we can assess the best partner for you below


Nextiva – They provide an excellent offering and are great for organizations looking to scale.  Their R&D and local support in country have been fabulous

8×8 – Another powerhouse option for Recruiters, the 8×8 integration does work well with Bullhorn

Ring Central –  One of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant UCaaS providers, Ring similar to 8×8 focuses on omnichannel communications and supports a Bullhorn integration.


Fuze was an excellent Bullhorn integration partner for many years; however, they have recently been acquired by 8×8!  That’s not a bad thing and we are bullish on their tech to integrate with the features within 8×8.

p of mind with CIOs.


We provide every organization a free assessment on Bullhorn integrations and support.  Reach out and we can discuss further.