If your company has just a handful of contact center agents, or has hundreds of agents around the world in a virtual call center, you have probably read articles about the importance of the Customer Experience (aka CX).

Even tenured contact center teams can benefit from a contact center consultant for a third-party inspection of their existing CCaaS platform and an unbiased customer journey report.  Insights gained on the overall customer experience are critical to the design, sourcing, and implementation of a contact center solution that will elevate your offering from a simple product or service to a true “Experience”.  The goal for next generation contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions should be to imprint your brand as an authentic purveyor of trusted service; at every touch point.

The Macronet Services website includes an ever-expanding Resource section that will explain in detail the various features and functions of a modern Omni-Channel contact center solution.  The focus of this article, however, is to demonstrate the importance integrating the contact center into the overall customer journey.

Macronet Services segments the customer journey into seven stations at which the customer may interact with the business (touchpoints).  To optimize the journey, each of the seven stations must be analyzed to ensure that the internal touchpoints will have a seamless interaction with the workflows of the CCaaS platform.  The below diagram depicts the seven stations of the customer journey and a typical customer journey.



Internal touchpoints along the customer journey vary per organization depending on the size and complexity of the product portfolio.  A simplified list of touchpoints includes:

  • Marketing – all media
  • Sales – Inbound
  • Sales – Outbound
  • Customer Service
  • Retention and Loyalty

Implementing a new or optimized CCaaS platform requires cross-functional communication and coordination.  Experienced contact center consultants will help teams efficiently communicate and collaborate across the business to ensure awareness of the project, solicit feedback, identify participating personnel, and allocate time and resources for QA and implementation.  In addition to managing executive communication, consultants will frequently interact with leads from:

  • Contact Center Operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • IT Infrastructure and Project Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources

Key considerations in optimizing the customer journey will include the evaluation of the selected CRM solution and workflows, workforce optimization, workforce management, integration of Artificial Intelligence, and deploying systems for effective analytics.  Further, Macronet Services is a strong proponent of implementing gamification as a tool to propel contact center agents into a state of flow that aligns with agent KPIs.

Macronet Services has unique models that allow our clients to select a paid consulting engagement, or they can leverage our agency business to waive consulting fees when committed to selecting a new CCaaS platform.  In the agency model, our consultants will transparently leverage our portfolio of over 300 service providers to collaboratively source a leading CCaaS platform that is a perfect fit for your business.  For example, Macronet represents CCaaS leaders such as Five9, Genesys, NICE CXone, Talkdesk, Vonage, Aspect, and many more.

Contact us anytime to discuss your project and our team will propose an engagement that works for you and your business.