If your business has invested in a contact center, the individuals sitting in the seats perform a critical role for your business.  Contact Center managers have many levers and buttons that they can work with to help these team members achieve peak performance.  Contact center gamification is an easy way to propel team members into a state of flow that has benefits for each individual, as well as for the business.

Contact Centers are rapidly evolving, and the pandemic has pushed many legacy call centers to move to virtual call centers.  The newest CCaaS or Contact Center as a Service offerings have built-in gamification platforms that can easily convert tracked objects into a platform that moves KPIs into a fun and engaging environment that encourages friendly competition; even across a globally dispersed team of call center agents.

The benefits of gamification are numerous and “game changing”.  Call center churn averages over 30% per year in a basic environment resulting from agents who are not engaged in their role.  Call centers who achieve a highly engaged workforce achieve over 20% higher profitability and pull in over 2.5x more revenue.  Further, when managers are actively and skillfully leveraging gamification the continuous coaching cycle promotes better supervisor relationships – a key to talent retention.

Gamification of tasks and milestones obviously fosters competition, but can also be structure to promote collaboration, celebrate achievement, and generate numerous opportunities for recognition.  Along the way, gamification will build positive habits while ensuring that KPIs are continuously in focus using Performance Dashboards that can be on-line and pushed to wallboard screens.

Custom Avatars are a fun feature that will enable employees to express themselves, even across long distances.  Rewards often include achieving badges, coins, and other types of currency that can be redeemed at in internal marketplace.

Gamification features are now commonplace in the modern CCaaS solution and executive leadership will certainly benefit be inspecting and engaging the plan to implement and optimize gamification.  Human nature and the self-determination theory have proven that emotion propels employees to want to be actively engaged and achieve mastery.

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