Cloud Connectivity questions often asked is “We need to connect to AWS with GCP, what’s the best path?  What is the RTT between the two clouds? What is the cost to connect both clouds together?

How long will it take to install our multi-cloud strategy?

Can we have diverse paths?

These are the first questions we receive on a weekly basis when customers need to quickly and efficiently deploy their multi-cloud strategy.  This isn’t just cloud-native companies who were born in the cloud, we’re hearing requests from well-known global enterprise organizations.

Why?  (Watch our Demo of Fiber, Datacenter & Cloud Zone Tools in this webinar)

There are a variety of reasons why organizations have moved to multi-cloud IaaS solutions and connecting to more SaaS licensing options into their platform. 

Don’t believe this is still a “thing” in the industry? Check out this Article Cloud Services Provide Critical Continuity for Healthcare Providers During COVID Crisis

How do we help customers when we design a multi-cloud software defined strategy?  We focus on the Edge Architecture & Deployment.

  1. Is this to connect Cloud to Cloud only?
  2. Do you require your internal organization to connect to this topology?
  3. Will you look to install these two cloud nodes into your SDWAN or current MPLS network?
  4. Implementation
  5. Contract terms & Governance across the multiple vendors

First and foremost, we need to build the topology for your organization.  Unfortunately, there are many different options which exist we can narrow down in minutes for you.  What does that mean?  Cloud to Cloud, Metro to Metro and Long-Haul connectivity provide nearly a hundred different paths all with varying costs, latency and SLAs which most individual organizations do not have the time or resources to plan out correctly. 

Using our Fiber & Data Center tools we can narrow your topology down to several options and solicit bids on your behalf.  We’ll look at

Proximity to Cloud Zones

  • Route options out of each Zone
  • Metro routes
  • SD Provider options to connect both Clouds
  • Deployment Schedule
  • Understanding Deployment Zones inside of the CSP

Macronet Services will focus on building a fault-tolerant multi-cloud design for your business while you continue on the more pressing projects for your organization.  Watch our prior Webinar to see a brief overview further here.