Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is one of the easiest options to deploy for employee collaboration both in the office or remote users.  It has been instrumental in the new hybrid work model and inherently delivers key features of CRM integration, call analytics and immediate infrastructure redundancy.  This affords IT teams more time to focus on service delivery for their customers in other tech aspects of the business.





LRS Healthcare tapped Macronet Services to assist them with replacing their on-premise legacy PBX which was deemed end of life.  After assisting them in design, multiple UC vendors, pricing and SLAs, LRS selected Fuze for their next-gen Collaboration partner.  Fuze, is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader in UCaaS. 

Founded in 2006, LRS Healthcare is a leading provider of medical staffing. Every day, they connect exceptional nursing and allied healthcare professionals to incredible facilities nationwide, helping people reach their true potential and healthcare employers provide the best patient care possible.

Jeff Beckman, CFO of LRS is the next-gen executive in the industry with a deep understanding of technology and finance.  He sat down with the Macronet Services and Fuze team to discuss:

-Business Challenge

-Scaling LRS for the future

-Evaluation Process of UCaaS

-Proof of Concept (POC) of UCaaS

-Selection Criteria


-Post Service & Current State

Following the Fuze deployment, Jeff discusses the AV Design Macronet Services put together for LRS’s building and company expansion.  Retrofitting existing conference rooms and new construction within their building expansion plus their new Fuze UC environment, they will attract employees across the country.