The massive shift to public cloud and virtualization has left many enterprise data centers operating well below capacity.  The shift has accelerated in recent years leaving some enterprise data centers at less than 50% capacity.


Executive management may realize that the costs of data center maintenance and operations are high, but what they might not realize is that there are options available in the marketplace to monetize existing data center facilities.  These options allow management to shift capital from real estate and into their core business, while gaining a partner with a full suite of managed service capabilities.


Macronet Services works with partners who buy corporate data centers and converts them to cloud-ready, colocation facilities and allows the enterprise to pay for only the space and power consumed.  By selling the data center, then leasing back on the space needed to support the current and planned space needed to support their IT footprint, the selling business remains in the facility as a tenant.


In this sale-leaseback scenario, the IT team will gain access to on-premises cloud services and the business can use the returned capital and operating cost savings on other, more strategic priorities, while recouping millions of dollars in capital and offloading future maintenance investments.


The team at Macronet Services will work with your team to assess your data center assets and introduce the best-fit options for a sales-leaseback model.  Contact us anytime to explore options to monetize your data center.