We assist organizations with the design and replacement of POTS lines from copper across the United States.  We’ve moved thousands of lines since 2022 from traditional copper to a POTS replacement alternative.  This is based on the FCC 19-72 ruling on carrier obligations for POTS lines.  .

Areas of expertise include:

  • POTS in a Box design
  • Tag and Locate existing copper lines
  • Fiber Tools to find replacement options
  • Pricing assessment and lower cost opex options
  • Project Management

POTS Replacement Advantages

The top two advantages of POTS replacement are cost savings and redundancy based on the designs we build.  It’s ironic this ruling and focus to replace legacy copper POTS lines has now lowered the monthly cost and provided redundance should a telephone line fail.  This is the complete opposite of costly analog phone lines which have zero redundancy.

POTS Replacement Advantages:

  • Added redundancy:  These designs not only routes over the internet but have (2) onboard LTE SIM cards if the connection is lost.  We all know the internet has its failures, but this device doubles down with LTE backup to seamlessly keep service online.
  • Onboard UPS Battery – This is a 24-hour backup battery should the power go out in a building; the service will switch to this power source.  Unlike traditional POTS copper lines, you will need a power source for this box.
  • Installation – Services can be operational quickly without added construction, unlike new copper installs.
  • A great option for new construction buildings who require Life Safety POTS line options for Fire, Burglar, Elevator, etc.

Request a Quote now for a POTS in a Box solution for your organization.  The entire network architecture, cost, and time to deploy off your existing POTS line will be delivered to you in 24 hours!