The team at Macronet Services is constantly engaged in the design and sourcing of global Wide Area Networks for our enterprise clients.  In each engagement we follow a comprehensive process by which we baseline existing network metrics and costs and collaborate with our clients to build designs that optimize the end-user experience.  Download a sample WAN RFP here.

We also have an extensive database of carrier pricing for global ISP services that can be used for budgeting prior to the bid process, during which we work with our list of over 300 suppliers to reach the best possible pricing for our clients.

In addition to the above, we also have access to real-time and historical performance metrics from major global ISPs.  Below is a sample of Tier 1 ISP Sample Round Trip Times (ms) that can be used for reference in the design process.   As you can see this view includes metrics between “regions”, but we can also drill down into city-to-city metrics and Pop-to-Pop Metrics.  Take a look at our Global Business Internet Pricing Guide and please click here to contact us for a conversation about how to lower costs and improve performance across your global network.



The below table includes some more granular latency between specific cities.  Our team also has calculators to estimate RTT latency on access circuits, which would be added to the core RTT.  Please contact us for more detail anytime or simply a conversation about how we can help.