8×8 Teams Integration was one of the first combinations during the pandemic to support enterprises quickly moving off a legacy PBX.  Users gain both the agility of a core Backoffice VOIP environment with an 8×8 MS Team solution.  Enterprises have the option to use 8×8 as the “dialer” with Microsoft Teams as the “skin” front-end blending two solid options together, making it seamless.









Often, enterprises are looking to understand how 8×8 competes against other Gartner Magic Quadrant options for UCaaS and CCaaS.  If an organization has an on-premise legacy PBX and is looking to evaluate 8×8 against other providers such as Microsoft Teams, Ring Central and other competitors, this can take several cycles.  Some organizations are still at the initial steps of integrating Teams into a VOIP environment and realize they could bolt 8×8 and Teams together to take advantage of both platforms.

Video:  Watch Macronet Services & 8×8 integrate MS Teams integration

Advantage of 8×8 Teams Integration

If you are in IT, most likely you are understaffed or short on resources for the piles of priorities that await you each day.  Integrating 8×8 into Microsoft Teams does eliminate some burden.

  • Standardize on Teams as the only Collaboration (Video, Chat etc) option.
  • No download or installs
  • Microsoft Teams interface and experience for desktop, mobile and any web apps remains unchanged.  This means zero training
  • Zero Maintenance windows
  • If Teams crashes, users can still make calls using their 8×8 interface.
  • Assists your Call Center environment implementation and go to market.
  • Immediate Global Dialing coverage made easy on the 8×8 Dial Plans

Disadvantages of 8×8 Teams Integration

  • You will need to have two vendor contracts and implementations, 8×8 and Teams.
  • If users are comfortable and familiar with the Teams interface, you may not want to expose them to the 8×8 UI.
  • Cost.  It will cost a few dollars more for the complete integration but that might be worth the collaboration across both platforms. 

Microsoft Teams 8×8 integration requirements

Our #1 recommendation is to speak with our architect and our 8×8/Teams specialists first to fully understand the global or local needs you have for this integration.  However, to get you started and thinking about what we’d cover, here’s a quick list.   

Login from your organization’s Microsoft 365 account with Admin credentials:

    • Global Admin rights are required for the setup because new domains must be added to the tenant for the SBC’s Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).
    • Future syncs which require the creation of new SBC domains must also be performed by a Global Administrator to completed. To facilitate this in advance, Subsequent syncs for the addition of new users typically require only one of the following: Teams AdministratorTeams Communication Administrator, or Skype for Business Administrator.

Teams Licensing into 8×8:

Administrators can select one of the three Microsoft licensing options by user which is then used for the 8×8 Voice for Teams.

  • Microsoft 365 E5 License (Microsoft Phone System license included)
  • OR: Microsoft 365 Business Basic, Standard, or Premium, and Teams Phone Standard (which includes Microsoft Phone System).
  • OR: Microsoft 365 E1, E3, or A1/G1, A3/G3 license and Teams Phone Standard (which includes Microsoft Phone System).


You must have a valid 8×8 account with Admin user access to setup. 

  • Assign an 8×8 X Series license (X1-X8) to each user of Microsoft Teams.
  • OR one 8×8 X Series Metered or X Series Pro license for migrated service accounts, assigned to each user of Microsoft Teams.
  • In the Admin Console, Microsoft Teams licenses need to be added to your account, with one license assigned and enabled to each user of 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams.
  • 8×8 Implementation services are required for all deployments with Microsoft Teams.






8×8 phone system integration to Teams should equally be part of your Contact Center Strategy well into 2023.   Microsoft

Integrating 8×8 into MS Teams

8×8 & Teams Integration Demos

Demo Teams integration with 8×8 speaking with a Macronet Services Architect and 8×8 together.  Following a successful Teams Integration, organizations next look to the A/V options in their conference rooms.  Building Teams Rooms for complete collaboration, sound proof and quality connectivity is paramount in this new era of communication.

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